JX 2360 Trouble shooting


Broadcast cannot be proceed by JX5600

The JX 5600 exchanges informations with le flash boxes on the two J-Bus lines under J-Bus/Mod-Bus protocol .This connection has to be made in the correct way (A to 6/16 and B to 5/15) .
Automatic broadcast needs a correct clock transmission between flash boxes and its follower.

  • Verify wether the the J-Bus and clock lines are correctly connected (see the Wiring manual for details)
  • Connect the mains only on the Master Box.
  • Try and boadcast the Master Box.
  • If it is OK, connect each Slave one after the other and boadcast.
  • If it is not :
    • Try with another Flash box.
    • Verify the configuration of switch number 2 on the clock panel ('On' for Master, 'Off' for Slave)
    • Check if the J-Bus signal is received by the faulty box, blinking the left yellow LED on the clock panel.
    • Check if the clock signal is correctly genarated by the previous box or received by the follower. (Do not hesitate to order our special pulse viewer which can help you finding a missing signal )

If these trials have not solved the problem, please call your reseller.