JX 2300 Trouble shooting


One slave does not flash but the others are OK

When the tower swithes on, no flash occurs on one of the slaves.

  • Verify whether mains is correctly connected. Measure the mains value on "switch on" (240 V AC typ.) and "switch off" states (OV)
  • Verify whether the lamp safety switch of the light head is open or not. Close it.
  • Verify whether the lamp safety switches on the output connectors is open or not. Close them.
  • Push the red test button on the set. If the lamp does not flash, change the trigger transformer in the light head. If the this change does not solve, change the lamp by itself.
  • Verify whether the set is configured as slave SFLS (see User manual on page 7). If not, correct it.
  • Change the set by another one.

If these trials have not solved the problem, please call your reseller.