JX 2300 Trouble shooting


The RTIL flashes 4 times then stops

This situation occurs when there is no clock exchange between both cabinets.

Ask the tower to switch on the RTIL.

Notice which lamp flashes and which one does'nt

  1. If both lamps flash 4 times before stopping, make a trial with tests lamps.
    If success try to find which original lamp is faulty and change the trigger transformer inside the light head
    Use the red push button to test the lamp.
  2. If the R2 only flashes 4 times, check the connection 16 (from R1) to 6 (from R2)
  3. If the R1 only flashes 4 times, do as §1 on R2 light head.
  4. If everything is OK, open the cabinets and verify wether they are configured as mentioned in User manual on page 9

    Insure yourself that the micro switches are completely actionned and not in an intermediate position.