JX 2300 Trouble shooting


Before any action,

  • please verify wether the connections are made according the Wiring manual
  • measure the mains voltage,
  • verify wether the mains is switched on and off on each cabinet,
  • verify the earth connection quality,
  • verify that no diaphony appears between mains cables and clocks cables (14 -> 4, 15 -> 5 and for a RTIL 16 -> 6)

Never forget that 2 000 V is generated

Do not hesitate to order our special pulse viewer which can help you finding a missing signal

How do you describe the observed anomaly ?

  The RTIL flashes 4 times then stops
  When the Slave RTIL lamp break down, the master continues flashing
  R1 and R2 do not flash together
  Nothing happens
  One slave does not flash, but the others are OK
  The runway threshold RTIL does not flash
  Connecting a current loop CMS, it displays error even when lamps are still flashing